PHP in full: PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor.

PHP is a programming language that allows web developers to create dynamic websites that interact with databases. This langauge is basically used for developing web based software applications.

All the sample codes you will find on this website will be well commented and designed for those who are completely new to PHP.

In order to get started and run PHP Web pages you need to have some software or component need to be installed on your local machine or computer system.That is to say Web Server - Examples include;

WampServer - WampServer refers to a software stack for the Microsoft Windows operating system, created by Romain Bourd and consisting of the Apache web server, OpenSSL for SSL support, MySQL database and PHP programming language.

XamppServer - XAMPP is a free and open-source cross-platform web server solution stack package developed by Apache Friends, consisting mainly of the Apache HTTP Server, MariaDB database, and interpreters for scripts written in the PHP and Perl programming languages.

Others include

  • LampServer

PHP works with virtually all database software, including Oracle,Sybase and most commonly is used for free with MySQL database.

Below is the syntax overview of PHP.


      //..content goes here.. 
Syntax Explained

<?php - This acts as the opening tag for php.

?> - This acts as the closing tag for php.

So before proceeding with this tutorial you should have at least basic understanding of computer programming.PHP is very easy to learn you will enjoy it.

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