How to center anything on a wepage using CSS

Hi I'm Code a developer and content creator focusing on teaching other people the skills I learned over the years. Thank you for joining me today I am super excited to get started and talk about some magical line of CSS that does some serious heavy lifting and let you center anything on a website.

Let's solve the biggest mystery in all the CSS land, centering things. I want you to know that is easier than you think with place items center trick.


Check out the tutorial below to see it in action.

In the markup below I created two elements that is to say; the parent div with the class box and inside it I placed an h1 tag with the text Youtube (You can write anything).

HTML - Markup

<div class="box">

I call this the definitely centered layout. What we need to do is first specify the layout method which is display: grid; here and then we are going to right place-items:center; which is that one magical line of code.

So what happens here is, no matter what you put in the element(div) with the class of .box in this case, it is going to stay centered to that parent element.

CSS - Markup

.box {
	background-color: teal;
	width: 300px;
	height: 300px;
	display: grid;
	place-items: center;

.box h1 {
	opacity: 0;
	color: #fff;
	transition: opacity 1s ease-in;

.box:hover h1 {
	opacity: 1;

If you watched the tutorial you will note that child element (in this case h1) with the text value of Youtube is staying centered within the parent box, so I think that this is a really cool technique place-item: center; will solve all of your centered dilemmas.

Get source code from here: Github

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