What is an API?

Welcome, today I want to talk about what an API is and why it's important in web development.

Let's first look at this acronym, API.

  • A - Application
  • P - Programming
  • I - Interface

Basically it's something that allows one piece of software to talk to another.And there's lots of different kinds of API's.But when you hear people talk about Twitter's API or Google's API.What they're talking about is a rest API.

Rest API stands for;

  • RE - Representational
  • S - State
  • T - Transfer
General Descriptions.

An API refers to a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service.


According to wikipedia, an application programming interface is a set of subroutine definitions, communication protocols, and tools for building software. In general terms, it is a set of clearly defined methods of communication among various components.

Why use an API?

There are several reasons why you should consider launching or using APIs. They offer the potential to:

  • Extend customer reach and value.
  • Increase revenue
  • Support sales and marketing activities.
  • Stimulate business and technical innovation.
  • Ease integration of backend data and application.

If you want to enable your product or service to talk to other products or services, it can enable you to do this. Likewise, it works the same way if you want to open your data and functionality to other developers or businesses. The idea here is essentially to be able to do more with less.

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