Setup your Chromebook for Web Development

The Chromebook team has made it possible for you to code on Chromebooks with the help of other online contributors who create different tools to be used in the development cycle for example webserver tools, text editors and so much more. Whether it’s building an app or writing a quick script, Chromebooks will be ready for your next coding project.

In this simple article, I walk you through the tools you need to install and configure to start coding using a Chromebook.

Absorbing this amount of content would be a lot if you are just reading it, So I have put together a very simple video for you to walk you through the tools you need to install and configure to start coding on a Chromebook.


Caret is a graphical text editor modeled on Sublime Text, running completely offline (no Internet connection required) and capable of opening and saving files anywhere on your hard drive. The goal of Caret is to provide a missing portion of the Chrome OS developer story: serious programmer tooling without needing to install a second OS and learn Vim.

If you love caret Text Editor

Download it from here

Code Pad Text Editor is a free, lightweight text editor for code crafted for Chrome OS. Code Pad allows you to write simple code snippets or build complete programming applications and projects easily, straight on your Chromebook.

It supports a variety of programming languages, namely!

Apache, Bash, C/C++, CoffeeScript, CSS3, Dockerfile, GitIgnore, GoLang, HTML5, Java, JavaScript, JSON, Less, Lua, Markdown, MS SQL, Perl, PHP, PHTML, Plain text, PostgreSQL SQL Python, Ruby, Rust, Sass, Scala, SQL, TypeScript, XML, XHTML, and a few more..

NOTE:This multi-language code text-editor crafted for the Chrome OS is Completely free to use and to modify under the GPL! - There is not paid version.

If you love Code Pad Text Editor,

Download it from here

It serves web pages from a local folder over the network, using HTTP and also runs Runs offline meaning you can code at any time you feel like or want. Moreso, Web Server for Chrome is an open-source (MIT) HTTP server for Chrome.

It runs anywhere that you have Chrome installed, so you can take it anywhere. It even works on ARM Chromebooks.

It now has the option to listen on the local network, so other computers can access your files. Additionally, it can try and get an internet address.

Many people use this to do basic web development on a Chromebook. It is also handy for sharing files over a local network between computers, or even on the internet.

If you love Webserver For Chrome,

Download it from here

Starting today you’ll be able to write code, run a local server and preview your progress in any installed browser. Always stay tuned in to to learn more about web development on Chromebooks, as well as more exciting programming topics.

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