What is Html,Css & Javascript?
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Every web page on the internet is HTML, CSS and Javascript think of them as the foundational coding languages of the internet.

Just like how Belgian has three languages French, Dutch, German. web pages also have languages, in the case of websites their language are HTML, CSS and Javascript sure you may have heard of them but do you really know how they work.

Lets first look at their acronyms.


  • H - Hypher
  • T - Text
  • M - Markup
  • L - Language


  • C - Cascading
  • S - Style
  • S - Sheet

At times you may also come across this acronym JS.

  • J - Java
  • S - Script

Note: JavaScript and Java are two completely different languages both in concept and design.

Absorbing this amount of content would be alot if you are just reading it,so i have put together a very simple video for you to understand these 3 languages.

Their basic roles in web development.


HTML describes the structure of the web pages using markup.

It also contains elements that are used as building blocks of HTML pages.All these elements are represented by tags such as headings, paragraphs.


This describes how HTML elements are to be displayed and positioned on screens or any media.

It plays a great role in creating responsive websites by using the media query rules.

It controls the layout of different web pages using different techniques like floats,flexbox,css Grid etc.


It controls the behavior of webpages.

As programming is evolving, Javascript is now used or ran on servers using Nodejs.

It is also used by some of the great databases such as MongoDB.

These are all different languages and work differently but HTML, CSS and Javascript need one another to make a website.Only these 3 languages make up what they call Front-end development.

For someone new to web development you may ask your self, "what is Front-end development?".Don't worry i have you covered on this matter.

Front-end development is also known as client-side development.


Front-end development is the practice of producing HTML,CSS and Javascript for a website or web Application so that a user can see,navigate and interact with them directly.

HTML CSS and javascript are constantly evolving it's just like any language these coding languages have a history they've been around for a few years now, right now the standard language procedures for HTML, CSS and Javascript are called HTML5.There's even a body and a society online that manages the rules and best practices of how to build for front end web development.So in the beginning you actually had HTML controlling a lot of visual aspects you used bold tag to make text bold, used a center tag to make your text centered but over time after the nineties(90s) you actually had CSS making up most of that, in the beginning javascript was mostly for pop ups and now it animates most of our website + running on the server side using Nodejs.

So whenever you visit the world wide web(WWW) you have these 3 languages controlling the structure(HTML), presentation(CSS) and behaivor(Javascript).

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