JavaScript Quiz App Source Code

We see many quizzes online and maybe play them every day. They are a way to test and improve your skills.

So creating your own JavaScript quiz app is a cool learning exercise to also polish your powers in javascript as a language.

Moreso, they allow you to engage your audience with something fun and playful.

Project Preview

Project Files

In this quiz I used only three files, that is to say;

  • index.html
  • materialize.min.css
  • app.js

In index.html is where I structured the layout of the quiz app

Then I used materialize.min.css to get some of its components such as the card panel, and custom buttons. In general, it's responsible for the app design.

Finally in the app.js file is where I wrote the logic for the quiz to function. For example scrolling the user to the top after submitting the answers, animating the score of the user, clearing the form, and much more. (watch the project preview).

Github repo: Get The Source Code
Feel free to change whatever you want!

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