Top 4 Programming Languages to Learn In 2019
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Hi, welcome to my website in this post I will be talking about the top four programming languages to learn in two thousand nineteen (2019).

This list is based on three factors,the popularity of the language, the tendency for it to become really valuable and popular in the future and in two thousand nineteen(2019) in particular and the salary numbers for the particular programming language.So if you're interested please sit tight and stay tuned.

I'm going to drive this in a count down format.

Number 4 - JAVA

Good old Java,Java was created over twenty years ago in nineteen ninety one (1991) by James Gosling and fun facts he's actually now working at Amazon as a distinguished software engineer.

Java is a general purpose programming language and of course all of you have heard of java a ton of big and small companies still run their software on java and still continue to developing their software using java.

The key of java popularity is "right once and run anywhere", java also is the primary language still for and Andriod applications so if you want to go mobile you can still use Java for that. 

Why am saying still is because Kotlin actually led language developed by the company JetBrains has been becoming a really popular so now a lot of platforms actually do move to kotlin and that's part of the reason why I put a job on place number four(4). However despite the fact still a lot of companies do use Java to name a few it is SLACK, UBER, AIRBNB and Java is still really popular stack overflow two thousand eighteen(2018) survey shows that it's being used by forty five point three(45.3%) percent people, however if we look at the interest for Java over time it has definitely declined and I think it's due to the fact that it's robusty or  due to the fact that it's a little more complicated to use and definitely has downside so that's why Java and number four in this list.

Number 3 - GO / GOLANG


Go or Golang was released in two thousand twelve(2012) by engineers working at Google and they literally made a list of things that they didn't like about language is they've worked with before and decided to develop their own language to address these problems and so it was literally build by engineers for engineer. 
And to name a few besides Google companies like Adobe, Dell,Facebook use Go in their software. I put Go as number three(3) because one it has been increasing a ton in popularity.

According to the stack overflow two thousand eighteen(2018) survey .GO actually also boasts to be the top three most wanted language which again proves the point that it is in demand, it is going to be a hard language, it's already was in two thousand eighteen(2018) and will be ongoing two thousand nineteen(2019) and further.

Besides that GO is also a programming language in the top five of the most paid for programming languages. if you jump on it early on you will be a highly seeked after a highly specialized developer in GO and I think that is extremely extremely valuable. so that's why you Go earns number three(3) in my list and I think this is a great great time to start learning Go.

Language Estimated Salary
GO $110,000
Number 2 - Python


Of course what kind of programming language list goes without python now a days since nineteen ninety one (1991) when python was developed by a Dutch developer Guido Van Rossum, python has been gaining extreme attention and popularity and fun facts Guido now works at Dropbox mostly right in python.

python can accommodate any kind of needs especially now with the hot technologies like machine learning, data analytics ,artificial intelligence all of these technologies can be supported and written in python. So python has a ton of applications and even if you're a web developer python has really great frameworks like django that you can use for web development.So it's still actually a great time to jump into  python especially with demand of automation that's been on people's mind right now and in all kind of business whether it's a small business or large business python is extremely great for automating pretty much anything you can imagine.

There is plenty of jobs out there for people who are thinking of migrating to python or for companies that already use python and to name a few Airbnb uses python, Dropbox uses python, Google uses python,just to name a few. It also is used by big players like NASA, NASA uses python to write their software applications.

Language Estimated Salary
Python $100,000 - $110,000

Besides that python is actually also extremely easy to learn.Python is one of the easiest languages and even if you Google python on Amazon you can see that a ton of books are actually about python because it's a very easy to get started with language. it has got a great community and great documentation so that's why python is number two(2) in my list for top languages to learn in two thousand nineteen(2019).

Number 1 - Javascript


I know that Javascript is a language that a lot of people have a love hate relationship with, however Javascript is so evolving and developed so quickly. They always release new versions that actually Javascript today is very different from Javascript that you might have used warranty seen a couple of years ago. 
it's much better now, it has much better paradise and if you're looking to become a web developer now a days you pretty much can not do without Javascript. Actually one thing that a co founder of stack overflow Jeff Atwood once said that "Any application that can be written in Javascript will eventually be a written in Javascript."

Javascript also has a ton of applications, you can develop desktop apps, you can develop mobile apps with frameworks such as react, you can develop back-end services, you can do pretty much anything and if you want to develop any kind of browser plugins of course will use Javascript.

And as I said mobile application is one good example of that with react native you can write your application in Java script and it will run across all the mobile platforms such as iOS, android.Java script is also the most popular programming language used by people according to the two thousand eighteen(2018) stack overflow survey where sixty nine point eight (69.8%) percent of people use in Javascript and to name a few companies that use Javascripts that would be  Reddit, eBay, Airbnb, instragram and that's just a few.

So if you're looking to learn a programming language today for two thousand nineteen(2019) if you learn Javascript you will not go wrong.

That's it for me guys, that was the top four(4) programming languages to learn in two thousand nineteen(2019) based on the three factors such as market, salary and tendency(Future) to become really popular and I hope you enjoyed this list.

Please let me know what has been your most favorite programming language to develop in and why I would love to see what you guys all think if you guys liked this post.

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I will make a few separate Articles/Posts/Videos for programming languages to learn in two thousand nineteen(2019) based on other factors and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day, bye for now.

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