How to prevent directory file listing on your website

You may ask your self "what is an IndexIgnore rule?"

Well, I have you covered on this matter; IndexIgnore is an important security setting or rule in your Apache configuration files which commands what gets displayed to the visitor when they try to navigate to specific folders on your website through the source code.

 This simple setting is often forgotten or neglected by many web developers or site owners not knowing that it can set negative consequences and compromise of their website server security.

Absorbing this amount of content would be a lot if you are just reading it, So I have put together a very simple video for you to understand this IndexIgnore rule.

First, you need to create a file called .htaccess on your server if you don't have it. But in case you have it, just add the rule below and everything will be set.

RewriteEngine On

#Prevents directory file listing on your site
IndexIgnore *

The RewriteEngine On is always the first rule in the .htaccess file, so don't repeat it if you have an existing file.


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