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How to Animate Font Awesome Icons With Javascript

In this video we will create some animated font-awesome effects using vanilla JavaScript setTimeout and setInterval function. This is a simple project but I thought it would be a cool one to share. I really like creating things with plain JS and hope this tutorial gets you started in simple web animations.

Absorbing this amount of content would be a lot if you're just reading it, so i have put together a very simple video with all the tips in an easy to watch and easy to cunsume steps.

Easy Tutorial

Below are the lesson codes.

Html - MarkUp
<!DOCTYPE html>
 <title>Page Title</title>
 <link rel="stylesheet" href="path-to-font-awesome-file">

<div id="battery1" class="fa fa-battery-empty" ></div>
<div id="battery1" class="fa fa-battery-quarter" ></div>
<div id="battery1" class="fa fa-battery-half" ></div>
<div id="battery1" class="fa fa-battery-three-quarter" ></div>
<div id="battery1" class="fa fa-battery-full" ></div>

<h5> Animated Icon </h5>

<div id="battery" class="fa" ></div>


The charging.innerHTML = '...it takes in the icon unicodes...' .Watch the tutorial.The icon unicodes failed to render in the browser as you can see in the javascript code below.

      function BatteryCharge(){
        let charging = document.getElementById('battery');
               charging.innerHTML = '';
               charging.innerHTML = '';
               charging.innerHTML = '';
               charging.innerHTML = '';
               charging.innerHTML = '';
            setInterval(BatteryCharge, 5000);

It's the same logic that i used on this page News API to switch icons every second that passes by.

Hope you loved the tutorial

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