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How to Create a Custom 404 Error Page in HTML.

In this Post or tutorial you will learn how to create a custom 404 page on your website, which is used to show an alternative page to people who access a non-existing page on your website.

The web development tip you are about to learn is already implemented on this site, try accessing the url and put in incorrect values forexample http://ostoncodecypher.com/brabra .You will be taken or redirected to the custom error page that i designed.

Don't worry if you can't design, by default the hosting provider for your website provides you with a default error page.

Create an .htaccess file or document on your server. if you already have it,then don't create a new one because it will override or replace the old one hence losing your file commands or rules.

Add the following code to the .htaccess file


ErrorDocument 404 /page_not_found.html

Now lets digest the code above,

ErrorDocument - The Custom error documents are configured using this directive.

404 - This specifies the type of error to be issued when users navigate to a non-existing page on your website.

/page_not_found.html - This is the custom error page you designed and it's what will be presented to the user when they navigate to a non-existing page.The choice is yours, so Create and design your own custom 404 missing document pages.

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