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Learn how to Switch Between Dark and Light Mode With CSS and Javascript

In this simple article, you will learn how to switch between dark and light mode with CSS and JavaScript.

Absorbing this content would be confusing or a lot if you are just reading it, So I have put together a very simple video for you to see and understand how to play with these two bad boys, CSS, and Javascript to come up with such functionality.

For the sake of simplicity, we used the checkbox input type that the user will have to check in order to turn off/on the dark mode theme on the page.

Moreso we are targeting <body> element, but you are not limited to only that. It can be a division(div) or a section.


  <input type="checkbox" id="ModeSelector">
  <label>Turn on/off - Dark Mode</label>

Then create a .dark_mode theme class that you will use to toggle:


/*Create the Dark Mode Class*/
	background: #000; /*black*/
	color:#fff; /*white*/

In order to get code working, You are going to target the <body> element and toggle the .dark_mode theme class that we created in the stylesheet file above.



//Select the element with the ModeSelector id.
let ModeSwitch = document.getElementById('ModeSelector');

//Add an onchange event on that selected element

//Create a custom function as you named it above
function ModeChanger(){

//Targets the entire body
let bodyContainer = document.body;

//Use classList property with the toggle method to switch btwn true/false(on/off)


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